Our greatest commitment is to make the life of the rural producer much more advantageous


AGRIMEC was founded in 1974, in the Santa Maria city, central region of Rio Grande do Sul State, in Brazil. At the time, Odilo Pedro Marion, founder and current president of the Agrimec Group, left the position of Administrative Director at the former CIENTEC – State Science and Technology Foundation of Rio Grande do Sul State to endeavor, with three other partners, in the creation of a factory of Agricultural Implements.

The focus at the beginning was the development of a prototype aimed at the mechanical weeding of soybeans, whose design – sophisticated for the time, was promising. Although it was a new crop on gaucho soil, soy responded favorably to those who bet on it. Thus, the partners decided to invest in the assembly of a production line.


The first product developed and launched by AGRIMEC was a Rotary Mower with Helical Blades, called ROTACARP. Indicated for mechanical weeding of crops planted in line. In the absence of herbicides, which until then did not exist, she controlled weeds and the farmer harvested, normally and without damage, the products of his crops. With so many advantages and being the only mechanized implement that really solved the problem caused by the infestation of the beginnings, it became a success among soybean farmers.


Everything was going well until the herbicides arrived on the market. The diffusion of this chemical in soybean crops has prevented mechanical weeding from being adopted. Given the lack of demand for ROTACARP, the crisis came and two partners left the business. Marion, who besides being an administrator was a self-taught engineer, bet on the company and knew how to find new horizons. The natural path was to manufacture implements for a crop well adapted to the floodplain soil, in the gaucho pampas and which dominated this scenario: irrigated rice. Whose technology offered to the farmer in implements was incipient.

Rice farming has transformed the small company into the largest manufacturer of implements for rice farming in Latin America. From planting to post-harvest, AGRIMEC developed a complete line of products for it, ranging from soil preparation, preparation for irrigation, irrigation, systematization, harvesting and storage.

And it was with its expertise in soil preparation that the company started to serve upland crops, with an emphasis on corn, beans, soybeans and other crops poorly cultivated in the south of the country, such as sugarcane.


We can say that the brand has prepared itself for great results that would come when it perceives the expansion of the planted areas in the country and its consequent productivity. With more land for cultivation, the crops started to be touched by larger and more powerful tractors. The strength of the producer was seen in the strength of his machines. At the end of the 90s, AGRIMEC followed these changes, strategically, directed its efforts in the development of multifunctional and large implements capable of following the evolution of the field.

The pioneering spirit of the Multi-Blade Land Leveler illustrates this evolution well by creating a family of different sizes (light and heavy line) depending on the power of the tractor. In short: the right model for the right tractor.


We currently manufacture 23 products and more than 100 different models. Today, five implements are manufactured and patented – exclusively for the sugar-energy sector, in addition to two adaptable ones, plus the line for forestry crops. We serve all states in Brazil and export to 27 more countries around the world. We are located at Pedro Cesar Saccol Avenue, in the Industrial District of Santa Maria City, with an irrevocable commitment to being a partner company for the farmer, which invests in cutting-edge technology and innovates to solve the dilemmas of the field through products and services with its own DNA.


Inspired by the experience acquired in almost 40 years dedicated to entrepreneurship, Odilo Pedro Marion, Founder of the Agrimec Group, tells his story in the autobiographical book “Entrepreneurship: Boldness or Madness”.

With short stories, which retrace its trajectory from childhood to adulthood, the book brings the most significant details of the life of a mechanic, taxi driver, student, who became a teacher, farmer and, mainly, entrepreneur entrepreneur. Daring? Madness? Yes, it is necessary, after all, what changed the history of a settler who left the interior of Sobradinho, in Rio Grande do Sul State, in search of studies and employment in Santa Maria City, and ended up creating one of the largest factories for agricultural implements in Latin America.

Creativity and innovation participate in the journey, albeit sometimes as a secondary character. According to the author, the art of entrepreneurship is certainly not just about successes.

But if the paths are followed with persevering attitude, anyone who dreams of creating their own job can get there. However, before making any decision, one must keep in mind: sacrifice and determination are fundamental.

The book is out of print. The experience as a writer was successful for Marion, of which he shares his trajectory until today with the academic, business and especially with his collaborators. Believe me, there are still many inspiring stories to be told.


        The work on the land is arduous and often does not depend only on human effort and technology. Agrimec, for accompanying this work, has developed a whole line of agricultural implements so that life on the farm becomes much more advantageous for the countryman. Its attachments combine robustness and versatility with an easy operation, transport and maintenance system. Everything that can not be missing to get around the possible problems of day-to-day and obtain the best results from the land.

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In Santa Maria City, the agricultural implements factory AGRIMEC – Agro Industrial e Mecânica Ltda is founded. Under the direction of founding partner Odilo Pedro Marion.


Agrimec launches its first product on the market: the Rotary Mower Rotacarp, for the mechanical weeding of soybean crops.


Begins to manufacture agricultural brushcutters.


It becomes Corporation, transferring its facilities to the newly created Industrial District, temporarily occupying a wooden pavilion. 


Its new headquarters in the Industrial District of Santa Maria City is completed.


The company receives the Santa Maria Industrial Trophy. 


The company receives the Santa Maria Industrial Trophy. 


Opens its own resale of agricultural inputs and implements: INSUMEC.


Agrimec’s work is limited again. It constitutes a new company, ACESPEÇAS, also in the metal-mechanic branch.


Begins to produce Irrigation Pumps that can be attached to the tractor, also known as “Can Pumps”.


Makes the first enlargement of its main building, increasing to 1,250 m²


Successive economic plans affect the Brazilian agricultural sector and rice production in the state, stagnating, for the first time, the company’s growth.


He made his first export of implements. Target country: Uruguay


Develops the prototype of a patrol on a CBT tractor, called TRATOLA.


With the launch of the Disks / Roller, it becomes the company with the most complete line of implements on the market for rice farming. 


Makes his first participation in Agrishow Fair.


Develops the prototype of a large Multi-Blade Land Leveler, ROBUST.


The company expands its market for highland farming and starts a new growth cycle.


It is recognized as Industrial Merit of the Metal-Mechanical Sector of Santa Maria and is again honored with the Highlight Industry trophy.


Builds the headquarters of ACESPEÇAS, in the Industrial District. It is again recognized with the Industrial Merit of the Metal-Mechanical sector of Santa Maria. Its CEO Odilo Pedro Marion is elected businessman of the year for Santa Maria City.



Since its creation, pioneer..