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Plaina grader multileaf

It is indicated for the ground plane directly, without previous preparation, leaving the crop ready to dissect and receive no-till, eliminating the gaps – microrrelevos – implements caused by, clods, Taipas, Termites, etc..

Rotary Trencher

For opening channels for drainage in irrigated rice fields and other crops in lowland areas; for trenching and deposition of organic material and to work with ditches on the side fences, Taipas and roads.

Carreta Graneleira – 4 wheels

Suitable for track harvesters gathering grain bulk, como silent, soy, wheat and other. Ideal for use in wetlands – de Várzea – and upland crops.

Rotary mower blades of Helical

It offers a new dimension to the task of weeding, saving crops lost and actually landing the plant, Among other benefits.

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