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Bucket Scraper Scraper

Indicado para serviços de deslocamento e nivelamento (earthworks) soil embankment construction as in, dams, dams, roads, tessellations, Irrigation channels.
Also in the maintenance, the maintenance of these items. It also serves as the ground work Approach to systematize floodplains.

Plaina grader multileaf

It is indicated for the ground plane directly, without previous preparation, leaving the crop ready to dissect and receive no-till, eliminating the gaps – microrrelevos – implements caused by, clods, Taipas, Termites, etc..

Knife Roll Rice Field

It is used from the harvest for rice straw Acamar, avoiding the regrowth and the consequent spread of red rice, as well as, to decompose more rapidly the plant debris.

Trencher for Rotary Tillage

Trencher The VA was designed to narrow and deep trench, following the trail of the right tire of the tractor, is as, a trencher side. It has a torque limiter friction disks to protect the implement and tractor.

Agrimec Carreta Graneleira Granbox Triflex